A Mabon Ritual

Homemade Mabon Applecake

* Gather together: a candle

an index card

a handful of coins

honey dissolved in water

*Light the candle*

“I am Anne and I stand before you Goddess of the Harvest. I thank you for your gifts that you have given this year and now I return honey from your bounty”

*Sip from the drink. The rest will go outside later as an offering*

“My offering is a gift to you. Let it nourish and sustain the land as the Wheel moves on”.

*Pick up the coins*

“Goddess, while my table is rich with the harvest, soon the Earth will rest and lie fallow. Let each coin be used kindly to use others, then returned thrice-fold in times of need. Bless these coins so that I, and all within my home, might not want for food nor comfort while the land lies fallow. By your power let it be”

*Use the coins for a donation to a food charity*

*Pause and take a minute to site and relax and breathe. Contemplate and write down on an index card all the gratitude and blessings you feel in life*

“What can I do to notice and experience the blessings in my life more regularly so that when days grow dark or times get busy I can remember to pause and reconnect with my heart that the gifts that are always there?”

“With the your help and the blessings that you have given me I can weather any winter or darkness. Nature is a constant ebb between light and dark and I know that after a period of winter and darkness the spring and light return once more.”

“I commit to practising compassion for myself and others as compassion and kindness are powerful ways to express gratitude for life”.

“Equal hours of light and darkness, we celebrate the balance of Mabon and ask the Goddess to bless me.”

“For all that is bad there is good,

For that which is despair there is hope

For the moments of pain there is love

For all that fall there is a chance to rise again

May I find balance in my life as I find it in my heart”

“As above, so below”

“So mote it be.

* Take the rest of the honey water and use it to bless the garden*

* Burn the index card as an offering and an intention to be open to change and transformation.

Celebrating at Mabon

Mabon is a harvest festival, a celebration of what has been given to us by the Goddess. It’s a time to celebrate the personal harvest resulting from the dreams, goals and intentions that the Goddess has helped to cultivate and nurture over the year. It’s a time to look back at what’s been achieved so far this year and to give thanks to the Goddess for the life’s bounties.

This year at Mabon I will be celebrating the interconnectedness of the natural world, the web that connects me to the sun, the moon, the Earth and to everything living and non-living .

This year I am celebrating my health & the fact that I’m still standing. This time last year I was in hospital recovering from major surgery, and although I now have a “new normal” I’m still here, I still have the magick spark of life provided by the Goddess. I have huge gratitude to all the healthcare workers who looked after me during that time.

I am celebrating my family who have taken care of me and who show me love. That’s a huge blessing to have in life.

I am celebrating my little paved garden. It might be small but the plants that I grow there give me such delight.

I am celebrating that I finally grasped the nettle and have made a plan to get to grips with financial matters including making a budget and paying off debt.

Mabon is a time when the Earth is in balance between light and dark. It’s a time for me to think about the balance in my own life. Is there one area of my life that takes up more time and energy than it should, leaving the other areas out of balance? Am I happy with the balance between the physical, mental, spiritual and community aspects of my life? It’s a time to consider what adjustments I want to make so that I can make them into goals and resolutions for the new year at Samhain in 6 weeks time.

Planning for Mabon

It will be Mabon in 5 days and I have been making plans for a celebration of this Sabbat. I have been thinking of how I celebrate on the day itself and also what I am going to commit myself to in the weeks between Mabon and Samhain.

Lots of the reading I’ve done has mentioned this festival as the “Witches Thanksgiving” where we say “Thank you” for the things we’ve been blessed with this year, where we also look at the goals and intentions set for the year at the previous Samhain (our New Year’s Resolutions, if you like) to assess what did or didn’t wprk with the intention of completing as much as possible before the next Samhain where the process begins all over again.

The intentions that I make at Mabon should be to help achieve those “big goals” and I’m trying to think carefully and link back to what in my case were rather nebulous and woolly yearly goals.

My celebration will be a solitary one but will nevertheless be part of the celebration being made by Witches all over the world as collectively as we help to turn the wheel

Mabon marigolds

Worcester and Snow

This week has been very quiet although I can’t say it has been entirely uneventful.

On Saturday P and I went to Worcester on the train.   It was the weekend of the Victorian Christmas Market which we thought would be picturesque and would get us in the Christmas mood.    Worcester was packed; it was horrible and more likely to put me in a “Bah Humbug” mood than one wishing peace and goodwill to all men.  Especially because everywhere was so busy it was near impossible to get a cup of tea.

While we were there we did go and visit the Cathedral which has some very beautiful stained glass and the tombs of Prince Arthur and King John, which were interesting to look at.    I hope to go back another time to have a closer look.

worcester cathedral
Entrance of Worcester Cathedral


Unfortunately pushing through the crowds restarted the pain in my right knee which was so painful that on Sunday that I could hardly stand let alone walk.   Spent a couple of hours in A&E having it X-rayed, which found nothing.  Then on Tuesday I went for an ultra-sound scan which showed “something” although the very grumpy doctor who did the scan didn’t elaborate what that was.   I am still in lots of pain which none of the pain killers I’ve tried, including Tramadol, alleviate so I’m hobbling around on crutches.

Today (Friday) we had the first snow of this winter.  It wasn’t a thick covering but all snow is good as far as I’m concerned.

First snow 2017